Storm Precautions


As the rainy and stormy season starts, aside from taking extra precaution for our health concerns, we should also remember to take care of our beloved gadgets as well. 

While the desktop computer is usually safe and sound inside our homes away from the rain, it is neverhteless still in danger of electrical overloading especially during thunderstorms. Based on experience, here are some guidelines to follow during thunderstorms:

  1. In the event of a thunderstorm, unplug electrical equipment and disconnect the modem from the telephone line. This is to prevent electrical charge coming from lightning striking an electric or telephone post from damaging your equipment.
  2. If the electricity is fluctuating, turn off your computer. Even if you have an AVR, some electrical spikes may by-pass your AVR and damge components in your computer that are sensitive to electrical charges.
  3. In case of a brown-out, disconnect your electrical equipment. This is to avoid sudden electircal charges from rushing into your computer when electricity is restored. Wait for around 5 minutes before connecting and turning on the computer or laptop.
  4. Always keep your mobile phones fully charged. It will come in handy not only for communication purposes, but also as a flashlight in times when electricity is out. If it is equipped with a radio, you can likewise you  use as a means of keeping abreast with the current news.

These are just a handful of helpful reminders so that your expensive computer and equipment won’t fall victim to the harsh realities of our environment.


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