iPod Charge Guard


iPod Charge Guard 

In an attempt to help make iPod owners feel safe with their precious DAP, Apple has applied for a patent to help deter thieves from stealing iPods by not allowing it to charge unless paired with an authorized charger or computer.


Initially targeted for the new generation iPod and possibly the iPhone (and probably all Apple products later on), this scheme uses a similar technology used in the iPod and iTunes that make them sync only with authorized computers. However, this time around, it will charge only when connected to authorized computers and/or chargers. Thus making a stolen gadget useless after the battery runs out. Unless, of course, the thief steals the whole package, then he need not worry. Of course, this is not foolproof technology, but the thought alone may make evildoers think twice before coveting an Apple product.

Bottom line is this step towards building an integrated safety feature to turn off probable thieves is very welcome, but being responsible owners and taking extra care of your gadget is always the best protection, not to mention free as well.

*cross-posted from m-ph.com


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