Globe’s the culprit


After all those so-called news reports of having anonymous artworks done in public places depicting symbols and baffling passers-by, the culprit behind it all was finally revealed last night. Personally, I felt that it had to be related to the tech industry as those symbols clearly symbolized, in one way or another, services available either throught the mobile phone or the internet, and my guess wasn’t that far off. The one behind it all: Globe.

Globe's redesigned logo 

Everything was part of some gigantic, but still traditional, marketing scheme to get everyone excited and hooked on their latest offering: a new logo! Say what? They got everyone excited over their new logo? Yup, you heard me. All the fanfare and commotion was so that they can announce to the public in a grand way they have a new logo.

Talk about the bummer of the century!  It would have been better if they had actually something new to offer to the public aside from a logo, which in all honesty, no one really stands to benefit from except the company who owns it. Well, they’ve got the money and resources, so I guess they can do whatever they want, even if it means getting everyone excited over nothing.

I hope this doesn’t happen again, for Globe’s sake, coz everyone know what happened in the end to the boy who cried wolf.


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