Smart’s MRT card


First there was Globe’s G-Pass, now, rival network Smart Telecommunications is getting in on the act as well. Feeding on the demand of the daily MRT commuter, Smart is forging a partnership with Metropass Systems, Inc. to come up with a Smart Money PayPass card to use on the popular railway system.

Similar to Globe’s G-Pass wherein one does not need to traverse the heade-aching route of falling in line, the Smart Money PayPass card allows the user to load credits to the said card through Smart Money (with Globe, you could use G-Cash). This, in turn, makes it more convenient for everyone as people who use this card will definitly be one less individual who will crowd the lines who buy at the station. The effectiveness of the card and over-all system, however, is yet to be determined until this service is fully rolled out to the public and people actually start using it. However, the thought of the service alone is, neverhtless, a welcome development. 

Kudos to both Smart and Globe for thinking of innovative ways of making their services have more practical applications in people’s lives.


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