Mobile TV is here


Smart MyTV  

Finally, Smart Telecommunications has officially launched Mobile TV in the Philippines through and it is now known as MyTV. I first caught a glimpse of this service way back in April when they invited a handful of use to check out this service while it was still in its testing phase. We were amazed back then at how clear the images were, and I guess first time users will share the same opinion when they avail of this ground-breaking service.

What’s even better to hear is that it is competitively priced so that the average Joe can afford it. True, it may seem like a luxury for a mobile phone, but in our culture, nothing seems to be too expensive. The only drawback this early on is the lack of handset support available. Since the technology is hardware-based, you must use a DVB-H compatible phone which, in the context of the entire world, is only a handful. But fret not, I’m sure Nokia and other manufacturers will surely pick up on this new technology and produce models that will support Mobile TV. Currently, the N92 by Nokia is the one being sold by Smart that supports the broadcast format, and Samsung has also advertised their model. Hopefully, when September comes, the N77 DVB-H phone will be available and I can give you guys a review of the phone. Congratulations to Smart on their new baby, MyTV.

For more on Mobile TV technology, get the Mobile Philippines July-August issue.


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