Make way for the Cavalier


Dopod Cavalier

The Dopod C730 or otherwise known as the Cavalier is the latest smartphone from the guys at HTC. With Windows Mobile 6 in a slim and compact body, it’s got the makings of a best seller.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the Cavalier as part of a review I’m doing on the device and so far, my initial assessment of the smartphone is holding true. It is a workhouse, but not a stallion but decent nonetheless.

Would I get myself one if given the chance? Hey, if its free, why not? But if I were to buy it, probably no. Why? Well, I’m really not into smartphones and I’m more accustomed to using a mobile phone, but I have to amit, having the convience of a mini-computer in your phone does kinda rub off on you. But at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, do you really need it? True, it maybe a nifty and useful gadget, but if your just going to use it for calling and text messaging, the mobile phone is still a wiser choice at the end. Just think of it: if, God forbid, you lose the Cavalier, think of all data you’ve lost which, in the first place, could have been avoided since you don’t really use the other functions of it anyway. Keep your data at home in your PC or laptop and bring a mobile phone along, its a better plan.

But if your job and your the type who needs to be always connected, then this is a smartphone worth looking into. However, there are some hitches to this device. Just wait for my full review in Mobile Philippines to see what I mean.  


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