SE Z610i: Mirror-mirror on the Phone


Sony Ericson Z610i


The Sony Ericsson Z610i is definitely a stunner with its shiny mirror finish that exudes class and sophistication. However, with regards to functionality, none of its features make it stand out from the rest of the pack.


The Touch


The Z610i is neither too heavy nor light, and is just wide enough to grip it firmly in your hand. It’s not as thin as a RAZR, but not as bulky as most N-Series phones. Opening the clamshell with one hand is a bit of a challenge, but working the keypad is quite a breeze. The keys are soft, and at night, are well illuminated by the subtle back-light.

Feature-wise…well, you gotta go get yourself a copy of the Mobile Philippines July-August 2007 issue for the rest of my review. Here’s a clue for those who have low EQ, don’t judge a phone by its cover. Good or bad? It’s up to you, but if I were you, I’d just go get a copy of the magazine (it’s just P100.oo anyway) so that I won’t have any doubt hanging in my mind.


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