Gadget Hunting Tips for Students



As the new school year approaches, I’ve had many encounters of parents and students as well seeking advice on what PC or laptop to get for school. This made me decide on writing these general tips/guidelines on deciding what laptop or gadget to get to help the 21st century student in their studies.

    1. Desktop or laptop – either of the two is essential. Deciding whether to get a desktop or a PC, basically depends on your needs. True, a laptop you can tote with you where ever you go, but how often do you need to bring your laptop? The disadvantage to getting this portable computer is that repairing it when it gets damaged is expensive. A desktop is more durable and affordable since you do not expose it to different elements as opposed to a laptop which you bring with you to different places.


    2. Storage – CD, DVD, diskette or flash drive, these are all essential for every student to be able to store and transfer the data from one computer to the other. The most commonly used is the diskette but is limited in capacity. Next to it in size is the CD which has roughly 700x more capacity than the diskette, but can only be written once. DVDs have GB capacities, but not all computers are equipped with DVD ROMs. The most flexible and versatile is the flash drive with various capacities in a very compact and portable size. More expensive than the diskette and CD combines, but a good investment since you can you use it again and again.


    3. Gadgets (iPod, PSP, mp3 players, etc.) – when considering on getting a gaming or audio device, take into account its other functions such as support for multimedia cards, storage capacity and compatibility. It would be a wise investment if you get a device that is also very versatile that it can perform other functions as well other than what it is obviously meant for. Take for example the PSP, it can also serve as an internet browser for WiFi enable areas and can be your storage device as well since it can accommodate Sony memory sticks.

Of course budget is still the biggest constraint in buying the latest gadgets, but the latest isn’t always the best for one’s needs. Think of the student’s needs and decide which gadget is the best suited for the student of today. Happy gizmo hunting!


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