Two Roads (part 3)


Desktop vs. Laptop 

The main consideration in choosing between desktops and laptops is the purpose for which you will use it. Obviously, if you want to bring it around with you, the laptop is the obvious choice. But for the past decade, the desktop has ruled over the laptop primarily because of its features and its price. The desktop was also considered to be more stable and durable than a laptop since it was less prone to hardware problems which is a direct result of the difference between the form factor of the two. The desktop being more spacious inside the chassis allows better airflow as opposed to the cramped inside of a laptop often resulting in the early demise of its components. Specification wise, desktops also used to be always superior to its laptop counterparts in yesteryears.

However, developments in the laptop scene have been tremendous and the choices available today are numerous. Feature wise, if it isn’t at par, laptops even overpower the current desktop line up of today. With a good set of features and portability being its number one asset, laptops are now competing for that priced lot on your desk which in previous years solely belonged to the desktop computer.

While it is undeniable that feature and specification wise laptops and desktops are competing on equal ground, there is that one thing you should consider before choosing which to get, upgradeability. This is one aspect that desktops have over laptops. For one, desktop components are easier to upgrade and you’ve got more options from the manufacturer down to the model type you want to replace. Second, the price for each part is affordable since competition in the market drives the prices down to a reasonable level. Last, but not the least, upgrading a particular component, often times, can be done by the user since most parts simply require one to just plug it into the slot and you’re good to go. Laptops, on the other hand, aren’t that simple. Technicians are usually sought for upgrading certain components and not all of its components can be upgraded. Parts that can be upgraded are also limited to those available in the market. So, if you are thinking of upgrading any particular component, I’d say go for the desktop. However, if this is not an issue for you, choose a laptop, but remember to get one that is already equipped with the components that will suit your needs so that you won’t feel the need to upgrade it anymore.  One of the biggest mistakes consumers make when buying a laptop is getting the most affordable, only to realize in the end that it is underpowered and can’t meet their demands. Buy a laptop for its value and not its price.


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