Two Roads (part 2)


PC vs. Apple 

The popularity of the PC is based on its affordability, the range of available software, flexibility and the ease of upgrading its outdated or defective parts. Apple, on the other had, has a loyal following and is known for its no-nonsense approach to giving its users the a product that delivers whether it be the iPod, a laptop or a desktop, Apple makes sure that it will not fail its users. The choice, back in the days, was simple. If you wanted to play games and install various popular applications, go for the PC. If you want to tinker around with the parts, go for the PC. If price is an issue, go for what? Go for the PC. If you don’t want to think about compatibility issues, say it with me, go for the PC.

However, things have changed. With Apple’s decision to dump its PowerPC processor chip and go with Intel, it has opened a new door for consumers. Not only did Apple become more competitive with regards to hardware specifications, but it now gives the PC user the option of getting an Apple system and installing a different OS for use with the software that they are accustomed to. Price is also now becoming less of an issue considering that Apple/Mac systems already come with reliable and useful software. PC users, especially those who get the most affordable system packages, usually have to buy the software separately which, in the end, jacks up your total expenses, not to mention is somewhat cumbersome.

In choosing which system to go for, you still have to ask the same questions. If you want to play games and install various applications, you can now do it on both the PC and Apple. If you want to tinker with the various components, I’d say stick with the PC. If you’re thinking about compatibility issues, Apple’s choice of going with Intel processors allows you the benefit of getting the best of both worlds with regards to OS which means compatibility issues with regards to software is a thing of the past.  If price is an issue, consider this: the cheapest PC systems can sell for as less than P 20,000.00 but does not include any OS and software, and more often than not, it is underpowered, not because of its processor, but because of its other components. The cheapest Mac system, the Mac Mini sells for as less than P 40,000.00. It does not include a monitor and keyboard, but is already installed with an OS and various applications; and it is guaranteed to meet your needs. So, the choice is yours. You can get yourself a system that initially is affordable, but you will need to buy other components and software to make it work the way you want it to (with the occasional headache of it not working the way you want it to) or you can get a Mac which, out of the box, will already work (with the exception of the Mac Mini line that requires you to purchase your own keyboard, mouse and monitor).


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