Hype about the Zune


Microsoft’s ZuneThere seems to be a lot of hype surrounding Microsoft’s entry into the mp3 player  arena with the debut of the Zune player. With wifi, peer-to-peer sharing and a large lcd screen that can be viewed both in portrait and landscape mode; it seems to be worthy of all the hype. But the big questions is, will the hype survive in the long run? Many mp3 players have surfaced, some imitations of more popular ones, while others offer their own unique feature and flavor to the market, but there is still one player that dominates the market. Will the Zune steal the crown from the big apple or will it just be all hype and no game?

 Personally, I feel that any competition is good for the consumer. This competition drives manufacturers to further improve their product. Although I think Microsoft will not be able to snatch a big chunk of Apple’s share in the mp3 scene, I do beleive that it will create a healthy competitive market. We can look forward to more features in what used to be a just a digital audio player.

So in the end, the consumer will be the real winner in this rivalry between Microsoft and Apple.


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